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Levantarse, sentarse, caer

“This performance is a part of my homonymous project, which investigates the idea of living as a necessity to define a space for oneself and to feel located. Having as basic elements: space, body and time, concepts close to the performance, I intent to work with them and take them to other sculptural and audiovisual vessels.
I use daily objects for some of these pieces, objects that make reference to the body. In this case the chair presents private space, rest…in its minimal expression. I use the game of the “musical chairs” like a metaphor for the actual situation of the individual. Every day feels like a race to defend ones own territory inside a hostile environment. This childish game, apparently simple, has a lot do with what we have to face ourselves with every day, feelings of perpetual movement in search of a place where we feel located, can rest and breath deeply, but always with one eye observing everything that surrounds us and what we don’t have, always prepared to get up running again.”

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