08.03.2020 – 17.05.2020 – Loops.Expanded Open Call 2020

08.03.2020 – 17.05.2020 – Loops.Expanded Open Call 2020

Loops.Expanded Convocatoria 2020

Loops.Expanded es una red internacional, dedicada a exhibir e investigar el concepto y la forma del Loop. Nuestro objetivo es experimentar con exhibiciones descentralizadas de videoarte / imágenes en movimiento, simposios, charlas y clases magistrales.


Loops.Expanded Open Call 2020

Loops.Expanded is an international network, dedicated to exhibiting and researching the concept and the form of the Loop. Our goal is to experiment with decentralized videoart / moving image exhibitions, symposiums, talks and masterclasses.

The network, founded in 2019, expands the original initiative of Loops Lisboa started in 2015. Loops.Expanded founders are curators and organizations from the field of video art from five different countries: António da Câmara (Duplacena / Festival Temps d’Images, Lisbon – Portugal). Mario Gutiérrez Cru (PROYECTOR, Madrid – Spain); Sandra Lischi (Ondavideo, Milano – Italy); Tom Van Vliet (WWVF, Amsterdam – Netherlands); Cine Esquema Novo collective (Porto Alegre – Brazil) and Irit Batsry and Alisson Avila (Loops.Lisboa / Festival Temps d’Images, Lisbon – Portugal).

Loops.Expanded 2020 International Open call and decentralized exhibition

Loops.Expanded first activity in 2020 is an international open call for all artists and collectives with works dedicated to the Loop form, be they single or multi-channel. We are looking for works that probe the idea and concept of the Loop, and not for works in which the loop is used only for repetition for exhibition purposes.

We are looking for works that probe the idea and concept of the Loop, and not for works in which the loop is used only technically for exhibition purposes. 

A Loops.Expanded selection will be chosen by the network’s partners from all submissions to the open call. Each partner will select, to exhibit locally, one or more works from the annual selection. Depending on local conditions, the form of the exhibition could include shows or screenings in museums, galleries, theatres or outdoors screenings.

What we are looking for

This is not about an itinerant exhibition, but rather a network experiment: we want to explore an inter-related and interdependent approach in a global video art landscape and empower different perspectives to a unique form.

But what does that mean? From pre-cinema and the mechanical movement of creating moving images, up to the present time of computational, sound and audiovisual “infinite loops”, and even the ephemerality of GIFs, loops are still everywhere and the possibilities are truly countless, creating a naturally fertile ground for artists.

Beyond formal rigour, but without ever excluding it, we understand the Loop as every video artwork capable of providing a cyclical and fluid experience even in transitory situations. Regardless of the trigger and/or device used, and whether from a minimal visual unit or a longer elliptical narrative, Loops.Expanded wants to select and display works exploring a pulsar, a continuous flow, a perpetual movement, an idea in positive permanence.


. Eligibility: All artists can participate
. Deadline: 17th May 2020
. Only one work by each artist or collective
. No fee is required for submitting or exhibiting work
. No artist/exhibition fees will be paid in this first edition

. The organizers will be covering standard equipment and exhibition costs. Custom requirements will be discussed with the selected artists.

How to submit

. Please fill up the entry form
. You must include a link to the work on an online platform such as Vimeo or Youtube – no files will be accepted!
. Please remember to include password if needed!!!
. Production date : no limitation
. Length / Duration: no limitation
. No exclusivity required
. Language: works including dialogue, text or voiceover, if not in English, must be dubbed / subtitled in that language.
. Exhibition copy should be provided in MP4 H264 unless otherwise agreed with the selected artists.
. The selection committee reserves the right to rule on any cases not provided for in these guidelines individually.
. Results of the pre-selection will be available on Loops.Expanded webite and social media channels. Selected artists will also be contacted by email.
. We will only accept the submission of a work if the submitter assures possession of all usage rights.
. Submission to this open call requires the unconditional adherence to all regulations set out in these guidelines. Submitters must ensure that any third parties connected to the production agreed to its participation in Loops.Expanded .
. Loops.Expanded partners reserves the right to rule on any cases not provided for in these guidelines.
. Artist presence: Loops.Expanded is not in the position to cover travel expenses.



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