15.09.2019. 17h – Sala El Águila. Comisariados II

15.09.2019. 17h – Sala El Águila. Comisariados II

15 SEP 2019. 17h
Sala El Águila

Para este año estamos trabajando para presentar comisariados bajo la temática “Europa mira al Este” con los países: India, Pakistán, Taiwán, Japón, Grecia y Norte de África.

Zoe Yeh y Frankie Su del Festival Videoarte de Taipéi, presenta videoarte Taiwanés
Kentaro Taki de VCT/Videoart Center Tokyo presenta videoarte japonés
Merlin Ebenezer de Indus Art Collective* de India
Menene Gras de Casa Asia presenta cine experimental y videoarte de artistas europeos realizados en residencias en Asia


“Indus art Collective” is an establishment that has been based on a view of interaction through ‘Culture’ as instrument for social transformation and change.
The groups of artists from different creative platforms intend to help and promote artists and their activities, creating new openings and opportunities. And thus bridging the parameters with cities as well as villages and other provinces and countries.
As in recent years’ objectification and commoditization deprived/ restricted art practices from performing its larger social roles as agents of transformation and critical reflection. Rather than promoting aesthetically desirable objects, art should be understood as a healing practice which allows the human mind to decipher and reorient.  It is imperative to mention here that Indus will enable artist to shift towards community oriented collaborations that challenge conventional values enshrined in art and open further possibilities of greater integration of art into social fabric, reflecting, to realize “A BOUNDARY WAS NEVER THERE”  

The program that Indus wants to instill is to give awareness of visual knowledge through workshops and art shows for cities and villages. Its objective is to connect and communicate with anyone and everyone, encompassing a global awareness of art that further allow us to interact with artists from other countries. And also to bring art out of its confined modes and to present it publically.

  1. “Since” – Pratik Sagar
  2. “Fight of bulls” – Tushar Waghela
  3. “Excerpt – The home” – Tushar Waghela
  4. “In- between” – S
  5. “Conversation with father” – Vikrant Kano
  6. “Jhula/ The swing…”– Merlin
    7. “All about transparency”…… – Merlin