SERGI AGUILAR From Phnom Penh to Srepok W. Area

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De Phnom Penh a SrepoK W. Area / From Phnom Penh to Srepok W. Area

This video is part of a series of works made by the artist, where he tries to show his perception of a landscape he discovers while travelling to a devastated region whose recent past comes up under the impression he gets from the terrain; the subject itself reminds us of what happens to human beings when they are under hostile conditions as well as the impact the latter have on Nature and landscape. Starting from Phnom Penh’s airport, which the decrepitude of the environment can not be avoided, he successfully records the landscape from the helicopter in which he travels. The project is meant to keep images of the real and immediate feelings he experiences from the landscape while crossing it through the sky. Among the floods and nature out of human control, the artist develops his own dialogue with what he sees from the air and his amazement in the face of the apparently wild geography that alters his way of simultaneously reconstructing what he sees with its capture. However he must make his choice and for that he tries to move the camera within the environment he is going across. It is like a road movie translated into a poetical fragment without works, where you feel forced to listen to nature and the sleeping words never spoken. The artist has done other video works of the same kind in Iran, Vietnam, Cambodia and Burma, where locals demonstrated the precariousness of globalization.