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A Moonlight Flit
Single-channel video

A Moonlight Flit derives from a British saying, meaning to leave secretly and quietly with all one has to avoid paying rent. Wang takes the symbolic meaning of the term as the core concept of the work, so as to investigate the intricate relationship among inter-disciplinary culture, personal identity, and the identity of land. The film was shot in 2016 at places like Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand, with a senior traveler from UK/Australia, a former domestic worker from Thailand to Hong Kong, a wanderer that seeks asylum in Bangladesh, and an Indonesian caretaker lives in Taiwan. Through the stories of these displaced people – about new-born baby, the beloved one, hope and fear, the faith worth life-long pursuit, etc. We shall follow the restless, humble figures to cross over territories and borders, and picture the shared life experiences and traces connected and created by labor as well as movement.

Pei-Hsuan Wang received her BA from Macalester College, MN and her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art, MI, USA. Her practice reflects on the intricate ties between private experiences and the established narrative set in a world characterized by rapid transnational movement. She is interested in territories where ideas of portraiture, landscape, and migrating bodies converge. Through object construction, material and (moving) image manipulation, processes of des- and re-assemblement, and orchestrating things’ relationships in space, she imagines
poetic scenarios in which unique constellations of logic and storylines push and pull against one another, gradually forming shifting identities of their own.