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The will

“The will” is a video artwork which makes a direct reference to the form and the structure of 60s-70s American experimental cinema, at the beginning of contemporary civilization, and to the reality of one

more lost opportunity that was the revolutionary generation of the ’60s. It was when people were starting to speak openly about Geopolitics and Networks. Water was -and remains- a network, but also a topic of geopolitics. Because of Climate Change, water becomes more and more valuable, while, since some decades ago, its slippage from a public good to a product has been taken for granted in «advanced» societies. «The Will» is a poetic protest using a combination of old damaged Super 8 films, military sounds, water images, and image-memories fluidization, along with the patchy blood-coloring patina that the fungi have given to the film. The end is a half-quenched idyllic image, as a memory, or as a mediated tele-link to a melancholic image of Nature.

Makis Faros was born in Athens, in 1967. He is a composer of electronic music, filmmaker and video artist. From 1999 till 2003 he taught video technology and editing in Athens School of Fine Arts and from 1996 until today he teaches aesthetics of audiovisual media in FOCUS School. During the 80s and 90s he was involved with music composition and participated in music groups such as ‘’On purpose’’, ‘’Melting Ashes’’, ‘’Spider’s Web’’, ‘’Raw’’ and ‘’This Fluid’’. He also composed soundtracks for several short films, TV shows, theatrical productions and contemporary dance projects. In 1999 he directed for the Greek National Television «Video Gallery», a video magazine about video art. He has presented his artistic work (mostly video, video-installations & sound installations) in 3 solo and in many group exhibitions, festivals and museums in Greece, such as the National Museum of Contemporary Art (Athens), Onassis Cultural Centre (Athens), State Museum of Modern Art (Thessaloniki), the Macedonian Museum of Modern Art (Thessaloniki), Center of Modern Art of Larisa, Gallery E. Averof (Metsovo), Gallery Ileana Tounta (Athens), Gallery Kappatos (Athens) and many others. He lives and works in Athens.