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Beijing-Ullan Batar

This video work is part of the project that the artist started in November 2008, travelling to Inner and Outer Mongolia following her trip to the Atacama Desert in order to make a comparative research about the desert itself and its inhabitants in both parts of the world as well as about their history. She shared with his inhabitants memories of the past and their daily life experiences from the present, gathering up their testimonies. To her the Mongolian desert was inhabited by nomadic people who never settle while the Atacama desert was a sedentary place that once became the engine of the industrialization of Chile. The industrial colony system which was settled in the region in the XIXth and the XXth century for the exploitation of the saltpetre was based on a kind of slavery, which has never been repaired. They are still “the forgotten” in a country where rulers turn their back on them since the big foreign companies left the country and saltpetre is no longer a coveted good. Nevertheless the video that is part of this program only narrates through images the long train ride from Beijing to Ullan Batar.