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Freddy, oh Freddy (on his side) 

Tenía curiosidad por diseñar un trabajo específico del sitio para un espacio inexistente, en una habitación sin gravedad.

“Eres todo el mundo para mí”: en uno de sus solos más conocidos, Astaire baila en las paredes y techos de su habitación porque se ha enamorado de una hermosa mujer a la que también le encanta bailar. La idea se le ocurrió a Astaire años antes y fue mencionada por primera vez por él en la publicación publicitaria de MGM Lion’s Roar en 1945.

I was curious to design a specific work of an inexistant space’s site, a room with no gravity. 

“You are the whole world to me”: in one of his most famous solos, Astaire dances in the walls and roofs of their room because he has fallen in love with a beautiful woman who also loves to dance. The idea came to Astaire’s mind years before and it was mentioned by him for the first time in MGM’s advertisement “Lion’s Roar” in 1945.



Luca Valerio (1966) is a lecturer in Video Editing and Coordinator of the School of New Art Technologies of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. He took part in the 12th Rome Quadriennale (1996) and was involved in the MACRO Asilo project in Rome with the installation HomeSweetHome (2019).

His practice branches from sculptures to videos, from photographs to installations. He uses everyday objects, usually taken from his private life, to create ‘assemblages’.

His works concern identity and has often worked on the idea of ‘home’. The boundaries between private and public life blur in his installations. Home, a safe space with a clear identity, is transformed and often defaced. By using and recontextualising furniture and objects from his own home, he challenges the space’s identity and also deals with the crisis of the concept of authorship.