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Somehow I feel relaxed here

Along the dictation of air raid survivors, city explorers, and Youtuber, Liu takes a journey and explore a series of dialogues between space and contemporary cinematic corporeality. This work takes space as a dwelling of human consciousness, and reveals how images explain the way that people construct a space from the aspect of consciousness with individual languages.

Yu LIU born in 1985. Lives and works in Taipei. Employing a variety of mediums such as video, installation, and texts, Liu’s practice focuses much on the “invisibles,” the groups of people usually excluded from societal norms due to structural factors, as well as on changes of spatiality. Since she grows up immersing in films, Liu’s earlier works share a similar language to cinematography— narrative, script writing, image, fiction are her ways to interpret the world. Originating from the exploration of human/groups, her recent works consist of a series of documentary field researches.
Fragmental representations of spaces, histories, images and narrations are interwoven into an integral body of work with parts closely linked and complementary to one another.