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Creación de obra nueva trabajando con proyectores de 8 y de 16mm.

Live image and sound performance for 16 mm projectors
An analog VJING work

Video editing is the art of assembling sequences and sounds.
This work which is done before viewing is here revealed and produced in live.

Labo K is a collective of artists, directors and technicians based in Rennes with the common point of the work on the filmstrip.
They revolve around an artisanal lab developing super 8 and 16mm films.
This collective with variable geometry develops personal projects and collective performances :
8 people behind 2 projectors with sounds captured live:
6 people behind 6 projectors + 1 musician:
4 people behind 4 projectors + 1 person in sound creation :
16 mm projectors, slide projectors, overhead projector, are used to create loops that are juxtaposed, superimposed, degraded and modified to blend into new images and sounds.

For the PROYECTOR Festival, 2 artists from Labo K – Franck Lawrence and Simon Guiochet – propose an unprecedented performance for the festival by modifying 16mm projectors and working from a bank of 16mm loops and sound loops.
They question the notion of time flowing, slowed, reversed, playing with their images on film as Vj’s analog, in a duo version with 4 projectors 16mm and a sound device.
The projectors are modified: light and engines vary to play on our perceptions.

The magic process of the moving image and its illusion are revealed here.
The direct effect, the simultaneity of the images and their manipulation create a disturbance and a new filmic space between the screen and the film.