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Marshal Tie-Jia – Jingsi Village
one-channel 4K ultra HD video
Commissioned by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum

The creative series of “Marshal Tie Jia” derives from the conversation between the artist and the frog deity Marshal Tie Jia, originally a god of Wuyi Mountains that eventually is exiled onto Turtle Island of Beigan, Mazhu due to the civil war in China.
In order to finish the filming project on Turtle Island, HSU has a “conversation” with Marshal. “Marshal Tie Jua: Jingsi Village” is an artwork of phase II. The artist went to the pond where Marshal Tie Jia was born, inviting villagers and a “Nuo Dance” group that shares the same root with the frog deity and yet was banned during the Cultural Revolution in China to perform together the ancient exorcism ritual on the pond once again.