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Thinking Hanoi

“Thinking Hanoi” relates more than twenty lakes of Hanoi’s city to the flow of  motorcycles that have been replacing the old bikes for the last decade, reaching the major volume of motorcycles per city in the world. This provokes a kind of pandemic social chaos and traffic jam at any time of the day. Thus the urban landscape is under a big insalubrious congestion, whose environmental permanent humidity worsens. The water system plays also an important role given the fact that it is everywhere –the lakes in the middle of town like Hoam Kiem lake, Ho Tay lake, West Lake or Ho Truc lake are a touristic attraction but at the same time they bring about an unhealthy miasma difficult to cope with. Hanoi has reached a high growth rate in a very short period of time and sustained development is still something far from being considered as an essential need to keep its vitality and rhythm of progress. The artist experience of the city is recorded on the basis of what he sees in the streets when looking around he discovers what gives the city its personality. Water becomes for him one of the most representative symbols of its difference; and from that on he tries to capture with his camera how move the anonymous crowds throughout the urban plan of the city and how water is present in their lives. Water is a key resource for development but it can also mean disaster and death in environmental terms. Its subtropical climate adds to that the danger of the seasonal rains, especially from May to September, which leave behind them not only several floods in the city along the year, but the sewer waters and a polluted atmosphere. In addition to that, water undermines the foundations and the structures of little houses, some of which crumble every year without being replaced. This is how the city dies a bit every day while growing at the same time in a frantic rhythm.